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The natural healthy way to reduce cholesterol*

What is Betaglucare?

  • Betaglucare are crispy oat hearts made from high quality Nordic oats which when eaten daily will reduce your cholesterol*. So why not try a natural way to reduce your cholesterol and take up a good routine now?
  • Each box contains 28 daily sachets, just add a sachet per day to your breakfast cereal, muesli, yoghurt or simply eat on its own
  • One sachet per day reduces your cholesterol, furthermore it is low GI and high in fibre so good for your gut health
  • Each sachet contains 3g of high quality beta-glucan, the amount clinically proven to reduce cholesterol when eaten daily

* when eaten daily in the required quantity of 3g as part of a healthy diet low in saturated fat


Michael from Brisbane, QLD: “I have been consuming Betaglucare for the past six months after been given a cholesterol reading of 6.7 at 38 years old. Annoyingly I’m at my ideal weight, live a healthy life with a healthy diet but inherited high cholesterol from the family. Within three months of eating Betaglucare every morning, my cholesterol went down to 5.5. Stick a portion in your cereal every morning, you won’t regret it.”

Julie – Anne from  East Malvern,Victoria: “I would like to share with you my Betaglucare experience. After seeing the story on Today Tonight and doing some research I decided to try Betaglucare for myself as my cholesterol was quite high – 7.5. 

I started eating Betaglucare every morning for breakfast – I eat it with banana or blueberries and strawberries and add plain yoghurt and LSA. After four months of eating it every morning I had my cholesterol retested and it had reduced to 5.4 overall and my bad LDL cholesterol had reduced significantly. My doctor was quietly impressed and I’ll continue to eat Betaglucare as now I don’t need to take cholesterol reducing medication. 

I would highly recommend these oats to anyone who suffers from high cholesterol so they can see the results for themselves.”

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How it works:

Betaglucare contains a soluble fibre from oats, called beta-glucan, which reduces cholesterol, when eaten daily in the required quantity of 3 grams as part of a healthy diet low in saturated fats. Each 25 gram sachet contains 3 grams of beta-glucan.

When the high quality beta-glucan contained in Betaglucare reaches the stomach, it dissolves and forms a gel. This gel binds with bile acid in the small intestine, and then exits naturally. Bile acid is produced in the liver from cholesterol. By binding to the gel, the bile acid is not re-absorbed and as a result, the liver needs to produce new bile acid from cholesterol in the bloodstream. This has the effect of reducing cholesterol.

How It Works

Easy routine, conveniently packaged in daily portion sachets

Betaglucare assists with:

  • Your heart health by reducing cholesterol*
  • Your gut health by contributing nearly a quarter of your daily dietary fibre requirements
  • Your low glycaemic index diet

Betaglucare is available at pharmacies – ask at your local pharmacy today for more information

Order Betaglucare Online Now

Nutrition Information

Touch and scroll horizontally on any column to read all the information in the table.

(servings per pack: 28) Quantity (per 25 g serving) Quantity (per 100 g serving) %DI* (per 25 gm serving)
Energy kJ 294 1171.8 3.4
Protein g 4.25 17.0 8.5
Total Carbohydrate g 10.55 42.2 3.4
- Sugars (Fructose) g 0.73 2.92 0.8
Total Fat 0.85 3.4 1.2
- Saturated Fat g 0.17 0.68 0.7
- Unsaturated Fat g 0.42 1.68 -
Dietary Fibre g 6.6 26.4 22
- Beta-glucan g 3 12 -
Sodium 0 0 0

* Percentage daily intakes are based on an average adult diet of 8700 kJ. Your daily intakes may be higher or lower depending upon your energy needs. Glycaemic index: 0-10 (low GI)

Betaglucare is a completely natural product made from high quality Nordic oat. It has a crispy texture and a mild oat flavour ideally suited as an additive to your daily breakfast cereal or muesli.


The beta-glucan comes from oat harvested in Sweden, the corn flour is non-GMO from Germany and the fructose is from apple grown in Germany. Manufactured and packaged by Prorsum Healthcare AB, Sweden. Imported by Gateway Brands Pty Ltd. 1609 Botany Road Botany NSW 2019.