Customer Testimonials

  • After taking betaglucare for 11 weeks my cholesterol has come down from 7 to 5.6. Needless to say I am delighted. Because I stopped taking statin drug, my muscle enzymes is back to normal . I will definitely continue taking betaglucare for my health benefits. Thank you Greg who had been patiently helping me with all my enquiries.

    Katherine – Hornsby NSW
  • I have been using Betaglucare for two years now. I read about it in Diabetic Living and as my cholesterol, blood sugars and weight were far from ideal I decided to try a more natural way to reduce all three. I had read about the Betaglucare results and wanted to put it to the test.
    I am over the moon with the results. Cholesterol has changed from 6.8 to 4.6, weight has gone from 96kg to 80kg, blood sugar has gone from7.8 to 5.2.
    Needless to say my Dr is very happy that my type 2 diabetes is being controlled with minimal medication.
    Thank you for a great product.

    Margrit, Batlow NSW
  • With a disorganised lifestyle, my sugars used to spike and then dip suddenly. Keeping sugars within an acceptable range of 6-8, or 6-10 even was a challenge. Greg introduced me to betaglucare. It has helped stabilize my sugars, by just changing my breakfast. The frequency of lows (hypoglycaemia) has gone down. My dietician was recommending oats but I didn’t like the taste. Now she approves of the contents of betaglucare and i like the taste. The best part of betaglucare is you can add it to your smoothie and make a quick breakfast ! And voila no bad taste and better managed diabetes.

    Prachi from Girraween, NSW
  • Just thought I would give you some feedback. Your product is wonderful.  Thanks to your free samples, I was able to trial it on Carlo and found that it had immediate results.

    I don’t know if you recall but Carlo is a type 1 diabetic.  He is 8 years old.  He used to get huge post breakfast spikes reaching 20BG.   I tried everything and nothing seemed to work. With your product he still gets a small spike but not more than 15 BG.

    I’ve told a couple of my friends and they’ve now bought your product and are trialling it. To be honest, if it hadn’t been for your free trial, I wouldn’t probably have trialled it as I have found that usually there are always promises but no results.

    We are now devoted consumers and will continue to spread the word

    Carlo prefers the powder, he has half a sachet mixed in with his milk which is then poured over his regular breakfast cereal. The reason for the half sachet is a full sachet contains a lot of fibre for an 8 year old.

    Christine, Ashfield NSW
  • I have been using Betaglucare for the past three years after a recommendation from a friend, and my Doctor agreed I should try the product. Three years ago a routine blood test placed my cholesterol at 5.9 which is outside the recommended range. After 9 months of  consuming Betaglucare every day my cholesterol dropped to 3.9, and now, 3 years later, it is still at 3.9.

    I choose the Betaglucare heart shaped oats sachets to enjoy each morning for breakfast with half a tub of yoghurt, and a banana sliced over the top. Other than introducing Betaglucare I did not change any aspects of my lifestyle. I do not require any cholesterol medication as a result of the introduction of Betaglucare to my diet.

    I thoroughly recommend Betaglucare to anyone managing cholesterol issues and to anyone wanting a healthier start to each day.

    Joanne from Dural, NSW
  • I know just who and how to promote this wonderful product too. I have been purchasing the products at a pharmacy for my husband for over a year now and his last test was testimony to the benefits of these little golden hearts I feed him every morning. His cholesterol is down and he is now off his statins. The doctor is pleased and everyone is happy. So a big thank you to Greg and all the team for introducing me to this product a couple of years ago.

    Sue – Registered Nurse – Arundel, QLD
  • My cholesterol has consistently been high since 2008, even when I was in peak performance as a marathon runner. I’ve always been active and eaten well but unfortunately, I’ve inherited the cholesterol from my father. Nothing I have tried to date has worked and my cholesterol has consistently been in the high 6 range. On the 24th of August 2016, my cholesterol reading was 7.6 and I was worried. I started betaglucare on the 27th August 2016 once a day in my porridge of a morning.  On the 12th of October 2016, my cholesterol reading  was 6.1. I was amazed to see a huge drop without changing my lifestyle. I can’t wait to see the results after three month. I might just for once in my life fit into the ideal cholesterol range. Thanks Betaglucare, I’ve recommended the product to all my friends and family. I’m so impressed!

    Danielle from Macquarie Park NSW
  • A few months ago my Cholesterol level had gone up to 9.1:-( I have never been able to control it with diet or exercise alone and I do take several supplements with limited success. On my Pharmacists recommendation, I started using Betaglucare hearts nearly a month ago and my Cholesterol has already dropped to 4.8 which I am over the moon about. I mix them with a small amount of yoghurt and have that as a mid-afternoon treat. I still can’t believe the results myself and the only thing I have changed is to add Betaglucare. I am super happy with the results I have achieved. Thank you Betaglucare.

    Margaret from Raglan, Victoria
  • I was told my bad (LDL) cholesterol was a little high at 3.8 and total cholesterol 6.0.   I had one sachet of Betaglucare with my breakfast of fruit and yogurt. I didn’t change anything else in my diet or lifestyle in this time. 9 months later and I had lowered my LDL cholesterol to 3.1 and total cholesterol to 5.1 which is back in the safe range!

    Karen – Pharmacist – Gunnedah NSW
  • It was fantastic! My cholesterol was 5.5 about few months back but now it has come down to 5.0. My doctor was happy I got it down to 5.0 and I’m still trying to get it down a bit more. The beta-glucan helps me a lot! Been having one sachet in the morning as breakfast with skimmed milk together with my cereals or sometimes rolled oats. So, thanks so much!!

    Crystal – Pharmacist NSW