Customer Testimonials

  • It was fantastic! My cholesterol was 5.5 about few months back but now it has come down to 5.0. My doctor was happy I got it down to 5.0 and I’m still trying to get it down a bit more. The beta-glucan helps me a lot! Been having one sachet in the morning as breakfast with skimmed milk together with my cereals or sometimes rolled oats. So, thanks so much!!

    Crystal – Pharmacist NSW
  • I have so much more confidence in recommending Betaglucare after trialling it myself. I have put 3 of my customers on it in the last 3 weeks and they are also very happy as their sugars are better controlled.


    Mala – Pharmacist WA
  • In 6 months my blood sugar levels went from 7.9 to 6.3. The only thing I did differently was to have the Betaglucare hearts for breakfast every day. My doctor could not believe it was just by having Betaglucare every day as I have struggled to keep my levels down.

    Giovanni from Meadowbank, NSW
  • I have been taking Betaglucare for a couple of years and my cholesterol has gone from 6.0 to 3.8 and stayed there. Would recommend taking betaglucare to anyone wanting a healthy way to reduce your cholesterol.

    Peter from Bracken Ridge, QLD
  • Today I saw my GP who told me my cholesterol was 6.6, but now it is 5.5.

    Cathy from Cowes Vic
  • I have been eating Betaglucare daily now for the past year and I combine it with a sensible diet and lifestyle. I am really pleased that it has enabled me to avoid taking statin medications as it helped me reduce my cholesterol levels from 7.2 to 5.2.

    David from Templestowe, Vic
  • Hi my name is Frank – I have been taking Betaglucare for about 6 months…I had 7.2 cholesterol and now 4.5

    Frank from Woongarrah, NSW
  • Hi my cholesterol went down after Betaglucare – was 5.7, now 5.1. I mix mine with fruit and yogurt and so far it has helped me lower it which is good because that means my doctor won’t start me on medication

    Cathy from Athelstane, SA
  • I had my cholesterol blood test done last month and bingo its 5.5, I have never been able to bring it this low for years.  And I am sure its to do with “Betaglucare.

    I still have to lower it but I know I am on the right track.  Most of my colleagues who are nurses wanted me to go on the statin tablets, I was determined to lower it naturally,  Along with consuming betaglucare, I exercise, and continue to eat healthy.

    So thanks a million… Cherry (very happy consumer)

    Cherry From Melbourne
  • It has lowered my cholesterol from 7.3 to 4.8 within two months

    Phil from Lynbrook, Victoria