Customer Testimonials

  • I am a 51 year old woman, exercise regularly and have a reasonably healthy diet. After not having my cholesterol tested for 4 years I had a routine blood test about 9 months ago and my cholesterol had jumped to 5.9. This is outside the recommended range and I did not want to go on medication.

    A friend recommended Betaglucare and my Doctor agreed I should try the product. I have a sachet of Betaglucare each morning with half a tub of yogurt before I rush out the door. Other than introducing Betaglucare I did not change any aspects of my lifestyle.

    I recently had a blood test to check on my cholesterol and my Doctor and I were very pleasantly surprised to find my cholesterol reading had dropped to 3.9, the lowest reading I have ever had. I would recommend anyone with a cholesterol issue to try this product. I will not require medication and an added bonus is that I feel full till lunch time and have added fibre in my diet.

    Joanne from Dural, NSW
  • I have been consuming Betaglucare for the past six months after been given a cholesterol reading of 6.7 at 38 years old. Annoyingly I’m at my ideal weight, live a healthy life with a healthy diet but inherited high cholesterol from the family.

    Within three months of eating Betaglucare every morning, my cholesterol went down to 5.5. Stick a portion in your cereal every morning, you won’t regret it.

    Michael from Brisbane, QLD